Pacific Rim Park Stories

It’s OK to smile

When is it appropriate to smile, to make an overture to create a team? When is it not appropriate? Lera and Lena had to find out and it wasn’t always easy.


Choosing Your Battles Wisely

By the time Meng Xin was in middle school he had learned that if he wanted to have an impact on larger issues, things beyond his own needs, he needed to choose his methods wisely and not fight the battles which are not worth the sacrifice of his power.


Coming to America

Alexey Gavrilov’s instructor described traveling to America with his wife like going into a deep dark forest.  “You feel that you have lost the path. You feel lost, but then you begin to understand that you are still the same person, still Russian and yet you can speak to Americans and they will understand you.”  


Trip to Los Angeles

Alexei Parnyakov worked with Gao Hongbo every day and observed Wang Yudan as she interacted with the group when they were all together.  Although communication was a little difficult with Gao, and he’d had very little time with Wang, he realized that both Gao and Wang were very different from the Chinese he knew in Russia.  They were intelligent, well educated, interesting, passionate, and doing their best to fit into the community.